Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I heard this song today and it has just been on my heart.
Listen to the words...he knows us!
Audrey Assad:

As the dew falls on the blade
You have touched all this fragile frame.
and as a mother knows her baby’s face,
You have known me.

As the summer air within my chest,
I have breathed You deep down into my breast.
And as You know the hairs upon my head,
every thought, and every word I’ve said…

Saviour, You have known me as I am
Healer, You have known me was I was and as I will be
In the morning in the evening, You have known me
You have known me completely
You have known me.

And as the exhilaration of autumn’s bite,
You have brought these tired bones to brilliant life
And as the swallow knows, she knows the sky
this is how it is with You and I.

From the fall of my heart to the resurrection of my soul,
You’ve known me, God, You have known my ways
In my rising and my sitting down, You have seen me as I am.

As the lover knows His beloved’s heart;
all the shapes and curves of her, even in the dark,
You have formed me in my inward parts;
You have known me, You have known me

Your words are my food and your breath my wine. You are everything to me.

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