Monday, January 25, 2010

Tonight was soooooo amazing!! I love my sisters so much! Tonight just reassured me that I am heading down the right path. If you didn't get a chance to be there tonight here is the video. Also, a few things I thought were important.

Maximize your singleness for God
  • That means read your Bible
  • Volunteer your time

    • Are you honoring her?
    • Are you wanting to know who she is?
    • Is she modest?
    • Can you lead her?
    • Does she have a noble character? (Gen 2:18 & Prov 31)
    • Can you provide for her?
    • Is she like the negative woman in proverbs? (Nagging, Unfaithful, Overbearing)

    • Do you want to help this man?
    • Is he tough enough to remain strong in tough times?
    • Is he considerate and generous to you?
    • Will he be a good daddy?
    • Is he a one woman man? (Cheating, Flirting, Looking at porn)
    • How valuable are you to him?
    • If he is unwilling to prove himself today he won't ever prove himself in the future.
    • Do you want your sons to grow up to be like him?
    • Do you want your daughters to marry men like him?

Well that's all for today. I will blog for real soon. I promised Jen. : ]

Your words are my food and your breath my wine. You are everything to me.

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